What is Beach Style Decorating?

Date: 10 Jan 2013
By: Seaside Interiors
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Effective beach style decorating uses materials, textures and colors to stir your senses and call to mind all the things you love about the beach and the seaside. Whether it’s the sights, sounds or serenity you find most appealing, a well-designed room can keep you on the beach, even when you are relaxing indoors.

Beach Decor and Color

It’s simply amazing how we associate colors with objects and feelings. Studies show that red, for example, pushes our brains towards thoughts of food and hunger. Similarly, we associate blue with water and sky, and colors like taupe and white with sand.

So when it comes to beach style and decor, white is always a great place to start. Beige, khaki and other light tans are also perfect base or accent colors. And blue, with its great range of tones from deep sea navy through turquoise and light sky, can be used anywhere from floor to ceiling.

Newman Turquoise Smoke Glass LampHavana Lounger in Soft WhiteRadko Pacific Blue Seedy Glass Lamp

Materials For Creating Beach Style

Natural materials are often the signature of a beach style interior. Driftwood and sea shells are standards, but you can do more than just scatter them across a table. In the hands of skilled designers, these natural materials become beautiful beach furnishings and coastal accents ranging from simple frames to exquisite mirrors and lamps.

Versailles Starburst MirrorCape Breton Table Lamp

And don’t forget the bed. With a broad selection of colors and patterns, beach style bedding can turn your bed from a boring backdrop into the dramatic centerpiece of your beach bedroom. Imagine outfitting your bedroom with this beautiful Atlantic Shells quilt with matching shams, pillows and bed skirt.

Atlantic Shells Bedding

For more amazing beach style furnishings, take a look at the latest offerings on our products page.

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