Wall Art – Making A Statement

Date: 06 Oct 2012
By: Seaside Interiors
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Traditional Home, August 2012, Photography by

When hanging a series of pictures in your home, there are so many variations to what you can do with a blank palette. Large groupings of various sizes, pairings or block styles … even one simple piece of art you love … how do you make it look amazing?  There are so many designer tips and each month’s magazines always look so incredible. So what’s the secret?

Here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration … we’ll explore this more and more … and bring you ideas because we think this is so important to finishing the look of a room. I guess I would consider this an ongoing topic. There are always great rooms to get ideas from, but you have to start somewhere.

House Beautiful, June 2012, Photography by Jonny Valiant

Coastal Decor

House Beautiful, June 2012, Photography by Jonny Valiant

Milly de Cabrol, a world class interior designer, was recently quoted in House Beautiful’s May, 2012 issue under 101 Designer Secrets (interview by Lisa Cregan), “when…hanging a series of pictures together, keep the gap between them 2” to 2 ½” to really utilize the wall space, and keep a minimum of 9” between the art and tops of sofas and chairs.”  Collections of wall art are so impactful in a room and a fantastic way of really making a statement of your art collection, whether it’s a gallery style piece or a collection of your favorites – including family works of art (even Monet was a child once), to favorite pieces you’ve put together to finish a room.  These groupings will make your walls look fantastic and draw all eyes to the artwork!

House Beautiful, May 2012, Photography by Trevor Tondro

Be daring too. Don’t be afraid to mix pieces together … add sconces, decorative wall brackets holding beautiful sculptural works of art or vases … even mirrors (differing sizes are great). I love this picture of this kitchen from House Beautiful in their May, 2012 issue. The simple grouping of four pictures with similar studies and frames flanked by two tall iron etageres is so perfect for this kitchen.  Artwork can be so fun…don’t let it scare you…just move things around…lay it out on the floor before you begin and see what you like. You might start by taking a look at some of our wall artwork for your coastal décor and gather some ideas of your own. Visit us at SeasideInteriors.com.

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