The Art of Pillow Arrangements

Date: 30 May 2012
By: Seaside Interiors
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Ever get flustered over the best way to arrange pillows on your sofa?

Pillow arrangement in any setting is an art.

And it can make or break your decor.

Photo from A-Touch-of-Luxe-Blogspot

Classic Casual Home

Photo from Classic Casual Home

Blissful Blog

Photo from Blissful Blog

Here are a few tips for arranging sofa pillows:

Work your way from the outside in; layer textures and sizes; add a punch of color.

Take a look at a little diagram we created to help you solve your pillow arranging dilemmas.

Sofa Pillow Arrangement Diagram by Seaside Interiors

Looking for some chic coastal pillows to spruce up any room?

Check out some of our favorites at Seaside Interiors:

Pillows by Lacefield Designs

From top left clockwise:

Kelly Green Linen with Navy Hampton Trim Lumbar Pillow

Kelly Linen Applique Navy Quatrefoil Pillow on Eggshell Linen

Navy and Kelly Green Linen Pillow with Tassels and Flax Gusset

Trellis Navy Linen with Cream Ribbon Pillow

Kelly Green Linen Pillow with Natural Twill Tape

Applique Navy Suzani with Kelly Green and Lime Linen Lumbar Pillow

Tell us. How do you like to arrange your pillows on your sofa?

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