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All prices advertised on our website are quoted in U.S. currency and are subject to change at any time.

As we are constantly striving to bring new and refreshing products to you, we cannot guarantee that an item will remain on our website. Seaside Interiors reserves the right to makes changes to our website and its inventory, including updating pricing, at any point, without prior notification. Great care and diligence is taken in displaying items on our website as accurately as possible, however, it should be noted that photographic lighting, color printers, and color monitors may affect your view of an item. Seaside Interiors does not guarantee the accuracy of an individual’s color monitor or color printers when viewing or printing our items.

We attempt to provide accurate and reliable information on our website, at all times. However, should you run across an area of the site which is incomplete or inaccurate, we apologize in advance for the inaccuracy and welcome you to call us for clarification. We reserve the right to amend those unintentional errors and/or to update product information, at any point, without prior notification.

When using our website, you may be redirected to a service provider on another site, such as the tracking of your packages or other similar type service. Seaside Interiors does not have any control over these external sites, the privacy policies of these companies, or the services these vendors provide and, therefore, any questions or concerns regarding those companies should be directed to those sources.

In order to protect your personal information, specifically your credit card information submitted over the internet, we have employed the use of advanced encryption and authentication subscriptions on our website, through our well known service providers. However, we cannot guarantee any transmittal of information over the internet as completely secure. We would encourage anyone to take special precautions as you enter into or process through a transaction over the internet, by safeguarding your individual identification or passwords; by taking precautions in the use of shared computers or shared networks; by ensuring your completion or exiting from a system; or by taking precautions in ensuring the complete closure of internet windows, just to name a few.

As a registered user on our website, you will be automatically included in our monthly newsletter, where our advanced promotions, new arrivals and specialty shipments are showcased. You may opt out of this newsletter at any time. Through our email list, you will receive email notifications from us and as such, you are requesting information or contact by us to you. Again, you may opt out of this newsletter at any time by clicking on the removal link in the newsletter. Any further communications will only be sent in the event you place further orders with us, in an effort to help you finalize your transaction and track your packages.

During checkout, and as a condition of your order completion with Seaside Interiors, there is a box to check stating you are in agreement with the Terms and Conditions of this site. By checking this box, you agree you have read and understand all of these Terms and Conditions. Your agreement to this page, Terms and Conditions, hereby includes any language on the FAQ’s page regarding any and all orders, shipping processes or programs, returns, cancellation of orders, and any fees associated with any of those processes on this entire site, and also includes your agreement to any special instructions regarding orders, shipping processes or programs, returns, cancellation of orders, and any fees associated with any of those processes on individual product pages.

Seaside Design Group, LLC, is a registered corporation, doing business as Seaside and/or Seaside Interiors. As such, we are not the manufacturer of any products on our website and have no warranties of any nature to the items we resell. We will, of course, help you with any warranty information you need or claim you may need to file in the event of damages to an item. We defer to those manufacturers on all warranty issues and by agreement to these Terms and Conditions, you do as well.

All logo’s, photographs, images, text, artwork, website design and layout, blogs, newsletters, and descriptions are the property of Seaside Design Group, LLC, and its vendors (where appropriate to a product). Nothing may be copied or used without the express written permission of the managing member of Seaside Design Group, LLC.

Updated: May 21, 2012