“Sinking” Five Myths about using Coastal Décor

Date: 21 Nov 2013
By: Seaside Interiors
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A new blog has begun here at Seaside Interiors in Tampa…and we are so proud to introduce Sandi Wallace, a very exciting edition to our Seaside team!  Welcome Sandi!  As part of her first, here is the beginning of a series about coastal décor myths.  We know you will love her style.

MYTH #1:  I have to live at or near the beach to use coastal décor.

Truth:  There are many elements of coastal décor that do not scream “beach!” Soft neutral shades in linen and cotton fabrics used on slipcovers, upholstery, and bedding can fit into most any living space, no matter where you live. Additionally, neutral case goods such as armoires, coffee or end tables, and other accent pieces finished in bleached wood, rubbed or distressed paint applications, antique white, or lighter wood tones are commonly associated with coastal design. They brighten up a room like sunshine on a sandy beach!

I recently changed my master bedroom bedding to a pure white, down-filled, cotton duvet with matching shams after years of using a weighty, sage-colored, cut-velvet duvet with heavy cord edging and silk tassels. The original, hefty bedding was quite pricey at the time I had purchased it; I considered it to be a great investment though because I was going to “love it for a lifetime!” Needless to say…as happens with many things when you think that way…I eventually grew to despise it!  That big, ‘ol thing “weighed me down,” emotionally and physically!  The duvet was so overpowering in all its king size glory, it totally defined the space — definition: drab, dreary, and serious.  I wanted my bedroom to be soothing, relaxing, and uplifting, but I had become so accustomed to having a somewhat formal look in the bedroom, it was difficult for me to envision any other style option.  Then one day, I got a call from a local French linens boutique and gift shop informing me that I had won first place in their Mother’s Day drawing! My prize?…You guessed it…a beautiful king size white cotton duvet! It was my lucky day! 

There couldn’t have been a more perfect gift for me! I was having such a bad case of tunnel vision when it came to the style of this bedroom, I would have never considered trying, of all things, white cotton on the bed…yet, that’s exactly what the bed AND the room needed!  The clean lines of the white bedding totally transformed the entire room as well as my attitude toward the space every time I walk into it. With just a simple “mini-facelift,” the bedroom now has a touch of the resort-like look and feel that I desired. Lesson learned?…Don’t pigeon-hole yourself into thinking that you can’t break out of the mold you’ve created when it comes to the style of your décor.

Sometimes, a simple departure from the predictable can give a living space a whole new life! If you love the look of chic coastal living, but don’t think that you can work it into your home, perhaps, some neutral furnishings, such as upholstered or case goods, are in order as a start. As you become more adventuresome with the look, you can experiment with some neutral, or even colorful, coastal design pillows and beautiful accessories that don’t scream “beach”…just whisper it. Soft neutrals include a wide range of colors and shades from bright whites to warm beiges and cool grays. One stop at the paint shop and you’ll see just how many paint chips there are for the white shades alone! 

Stay tuned for more myth busters by Sandi!


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