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Date: 31 Mar 2011
By: Seaside Interiors
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C & F Enterprises is where we get many of our bedding products. C & F Enterprises was established originally in 1976 with the ownership being a woman by the name of Carol Fang. The company started as a one woman operation. They originally focused on imported porcelain and antiques from China, selling the products from Mrs. Fang’s home in Yorktown, Virginia. The business grew steadily with a profit showing every year. This allowed C & F to expand and gain more territory through the southeast United States. In the early 1980’s, the company branched out and began selling table linen and seasonal gift categories. This was a tremendous success. Mrs. Fang then decided to branch out even more and sell handcrafted quilted bedding and merchandise made of needlepoint. Quickly C & F became the leader in these two industries. C & F Enterprise’s success is mainly due to the fact that they have their own design team, which is unlike most other import companies. This gives C & F the ability to be different from their competitors. They also have their own licensing department which means they can obtain designs from the best artists in the country. We carry many products from C & F Enterprises and will be highlighting more about the company and the products we carry at reasonable costs in future blogs. In the meanwhile, if you are ever in the Tampa Bay area, stop by Seaside Home Accents and Gifts or give us a call at 813.839.4544, or send us an email with any questions.

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