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Nouvelle Candles

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We are so very proud to offer Nouvelle Candles – possibly the best candles around…at least in our opinion. We savor these candles and burn them every day in our Seaside store…they are absolutely amazing! These scented candles are a staple in our coastal homes as well. Nouvelle says their candles are “deeply fragranced, hand poured…and add elements of serenity and elegance to daily living. Designed and crated in South Louisiana…fragrances are layered, complex, and sophisticated” and we agree! Each scent is so unique and special, it’s very hard not to carry them all but if you don’t see what you are looking for, call us!!

Follow safe burning instructions, in a safe candle environment, which are all printed on the bottom of each candle and sit back and enjoy these wonderful scents.

Large Signature Glass Candle Burn Time: 55-60 hours

Coastal Cove – Redolent of languid afternoons at water’s edge. A very light and lovely coastal frangrance.

Crepe Myrtle – Narcotic in its allure, a landmark in southern landcapes for centuries. This unique intermingling of white honeysuckle, light citrus and exotic green wood is truly captivating. Nouvelle’s best selling fragrance and, by far, our favorite!

Cypress and Moss– Nouvelle’s homage to the swamps and bayous that are so much a part of this company. Rich notes of amber and vetivert create a deep and moody fragrance suggestive of an early summer evening on the bayou.

Fresh Linen – The revitalizing scent of clean, fresh linen, windswept from an afternoon on the clothesline in the summer sun. Powerful yet sophisticated. A lovely lighter scent we burn in the store all the time…very fresh.

Grapefruit Blackberry – Ripe luscious ruby red grapefruit blended with the tartness of blackberry and currant.

Lemongrass Sandalwood – The exuberant flavor of tropical lemongrass, shaded by subtle undertones of sandalwood, this well-mannered scent is the perfect complement to any social gathering.

Ojai Orange Blossom – A spring morning in a magical California valley, ringed by the Topa Topa mountains. The air is heavy with the scent of a million orange blossoms. This must be what Heaven smells like…we love it too! A light airy scent for those of us in Florida as well!

Paperwhite & Honey – Narcissus blooms blended with soft notes of honey and vanilla.

Savoir Faire -Filled with notes of Black Cassis and wild citrus, this assured and confident fragrance fills the room with its tantalizing notes of Black Cassis and wild citrus. Limited quantities available.

Sweet Olive – Green wood notes intermingled with hints of sweet floral inspire this zesty powerful frangrance. Finished with a touch of vetiver. Sweet and radiant.

Toujours – An unlikely collaboration between herbal rosemary and pungent patchouli that is elegant, dusky and sensual.

Tuscan Currant – The tartness of black currant combined with cassis create this truly unusual fragrance. Completed with notes of sparkling lime.

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Coastal Cove, Crepe Myrtle, Cypress and Moss, Fresh Linen, Grapefruit and Blackberry, Lemongrass Sandalwood, Ojai Orange Blossom, Paperwhite and Honey, Savoir Faire, Sweet Olive, Toujours, Tuscan Currant