MYTH #5: I have to use the color blue if I want to do Coastal Décor.

Date: 28 Feb 2014
By: Seaside Interiors
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Truth:  When you think about it, a seascape is so much more than just the varying shades of blue water and sky. Along with those features, is a landscape full of earthy tones derived from sandy, seashell-covered beaches, grassy sand dunes, misty harbors, wooden piers, and even towering cliffs, depending on the location. Paint manufacturers have embraced the diversity of coastal settings by creating colors that run the gamut from shades of white to marine inspired blues and greens to subtle beiges grays, browns, and soft peach.

Courtesy of Bristol Buenaventura via Coastal Living Magazine

Sherwin Williams and Behr both have specific coastal paint collections that offer a wide array of colors that are not just shades of blue. If you are not a fan of blue, Sherwin Williams HGTV Home Coastal Cool Color Palette also offers soothing shades of green, gray, beige and white. Shades such as Restful (SW6458), Comfort Gray (SW6205), Nuture Green (SW6451) and Wheat Grass (SW6408) have names that even sound soothing.  According to Sherwin Williams, “This palette lives and breathes inspiration from the sand, salt and sea.”

Sherman Williams Coastal Cool Color Card

Behr Paints announced its 2014 Color Trends in September of 2013. One of the four design styles featured is Behr’s Seaside Harmony collection. “Behr’s 2014 Color Trend palettes inspire consumers to express their passion through color,” explains Erika Woelfel, Director of Color Marketing for Behr Paints.  Aside from two beautiful blue shades, the Seaside Harmony color palette also features a fresh, bold blue-green shade, Edgewater (T14-4), and two cleverly named shades: South Peach (T14-3,) a warm peach and Miami Weiss (T14-3,) a soft white.

Behr Seaside Harmony Color Trends 2014

On a personal note:  I consider the color yellow to be one of the simplest ways to brighten up any room!  When I think of the beach, I think of the sun…and there is no sunnier color than yellow!  Even though the Sherwin Williams and Behr coastal paint collections mentioned above do not include yellow in their palettes, Sherwin Williams “June Day” (SW6682) and Behr’s “Sunday Afternoon” (T14-19) are both sunny yellow shades that would work beautifully in a coastal designed space.  And by the way, it’s perfectly okay to wander outside of a designated style collection when choosing thematic shades for your home. It is more important to add your own personal touch. If you like yellow and want coastal design, you can make it work. Yellow is not as limiting as you may think.  It is actually quite versatile as it serves as a cheerful backdrop for many colors, including a palette of sea-inspired colors.  Also, yellow is one of the easiest shades to decorate around seasonally, including Christmas.

 Coastal-Inspired Decorating by Jill Shevlin

So, when setting out to choose a coastal color scheme for your living space, I recommend starting out at the paint store.  You can check out their coastal paint collections or individual colors and gather a selection of paint chips to take home and try in the light of your own home.  The shades within a collection are created to blend well together, which is quite helpful, so you can choose which ones you want to feature in your space and use any of the others for accent colors – as paint or in furnishings. Once you have narrowed down your selections, you can inexpensively buy a quart of each color to try on your walls at home.  Paint sampling is the best way to see how the color will look before investing in gallons of paint and hours of labor. Be sure to tuck away your chosen paint chips, not only as a record for future touch-ups, but also to use as a color guide when shopping to for furniture, upholstery, wall art, and home accents, such as throw pillows, for your new coastal living space.

Coastal Living Our Best Makeovers 2013

So, no worries if you’re just not feeling true to blue, yet still want coastal décor. There are many other color options for creating a totally chic coastal living space sans blue … and P.S. If the “blues” just aren’t you’re thing, perhaps “Mellow Yellow” (Behr 320B-6) will be. ☺

                                               Shades of Yellow from House Beautiful

By Sandi Wallace

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