Myth #3 Coastal Décor is seasonal – only for the summer months.

Date: 03 Jan 2014
By: Seaside Interiors
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Truth:  Sure, coastal décor stirs up the senses with reminders of warm summer breezes and toes buried deep in the cool sand, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting to preserve those feelings year round!  After all, even in the midst of winter, there are still seashells at the beach, creatures in the water, and even boats docked at the harbor of many coasts.

                                         Coastal Living December 2013/January 2014

The seashore does not disappear just because you are not there. In fact, if you ever have the opportunity, and for a true appreciation of the vast beauty of the sea and its surroundings, I recommend taking a walk on a beach in the cold weather, all bundled up from head to toe. In the warmer months, many beaches are crowded with people, pitched umbrellas, and noisy jet skis. But in the winter, the natural beauty and expanse of the coastline is readily available for one to behold. The atmosphere of the shore changes with the seasons and is beautiful year round in its own special and unique way.

                                          Coastal Living December 2013/January 2014

You can have fun capturing the varying essence of the seashore in your home all year long. If you love the feel, for the holidays, nothing will warm your heart more than a Christmas tree adorned with beautiful seashell, colorful fish, and sea animal ornaments.  And don’t forget the images of penguins, sea lions and polar bears when decorating in the winter months! It doesn’t have to be the coast where you live or visit – use your imagination.  There are many coasts in very cold weather climates.

                                         Coastal Living December 2013/January 2014

Remember too, as I mentioned frequently in my previous posts, coastal décor does not only mean using sea-like “objects.”  You can evoke a feeling of chic coastal décor by using a mixture of white and soft neutral fabrics, natural elements/fibers, light or bleached woods, and generally, a palette derived from the colors that remind you of the sun, sand, shells, sea, and sky. The tasteful addition of collected items or small accent pieces will simply help to personalize and secure the look.

                                                 Cottage Style Fall/Winter Pg. 105

Let the sun shine in your home year round with coastal décor!

By: Sandi Wallace

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