Happy 175th Anniversary Tiffany & Co.

Date: 03 Jun 2012
By: Seaside Interiors
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Tiffany & Co.


Happy 175th Anniversary Tiffany & Co.

We think you are amazing. And not just because of your beautiful shade of blue and fabulous bow. But also because you started in America 175 years ago. What an accomplishment.

According to tiffany.com, “Charles Lewis Tiffany founded TIFFANY AND COMPANY in 1837 when he opened a store at 259 Broadway in downtown Manhattan. His first day receipts were $4.98. The current corporate structure was established in 1984, when Tiffany & Co. was incorporated.”

Today, Tiffany & Co. employs over 9,000 employees and is headquartered at 727 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10022. The building, housing its flagship store, was constructed in 1940.

In honor of their esteemed history, Tiffany and Co. is offering “The Tiffany 1837th collection”  a special collection in honor of their founding 175 years ago.


A few Items from The Tiffany 1837th Collection

 Or if you want some Tiffany blue (or any shade of blue) in your house rather than in a jewelry box, take a look at some of Seaside’s blue :

Seaside Interiors Blue


From top left clockwise:

Casablanca Midnight Pillow with Eyelash Trim

 Radko Pacific Blue Seedy Glass Lamp

Turquoise and Mediterranean Blue Linen Pillow with Tassels and Flax Gusset

Blue Squid Hook Pillow (only one left)

Treasures By The Sea Bedding Collection

Butterfly Spa Pillow

Tell us. What is your favorite shade of blue?

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