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Date: 08 Feb 2013
By: Seaside Interiors
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Each year, color design company Pantone chooses a Color of the Year after expert reps from around the world meet to discuss which shade deserves the title. Pantone’s newly-unveiled Color of the Year of 2013 is emerald green! Described as “sophisticated,” “vivid,” and “rejuvenating,” this vibrant color is the newest style sensation. Officially called Emerald 17-5641, the next picture from Pantone’s website gives you ways to incorporate this color into your personal fashion.

Pantone Emerald Green Design

Because emerald is such a unique shade for fashion and even home décor, it can be the perfect tint to add a burst of color to any ensemble. features a number of pictures that display homes and homeowners utilizing this elegant, vibrant hue in little or big touches. From as small as a green accent piece on your coffee table to as large as emerald curtains or a loveseat, this shade can be used on any piece of décor in a home! As this next picture shows, a few emerald accent pieces can really bring a room to life.

Emerald Decor in Bedroom

Emerald green is most well-known for being the glittering birthstone for the month of May. But recently, more and more designers have been using it in pieces other than jewelry! No longer just a color for gemstones, this hue is perfect for walls, accessories, throw pillows, wood finishes, and much more. Check out Seaside Interiors’ Pinterest boards to find ideas to incorporate green into your home design. No furniture is off limits as you choose to make a bold, colorful statement in any room. One tip I suggest is to use green frames around black and white pictures or artwork; see how the mirror in the above picture has a green frame? This pop of color will draw eyes to your art and create a fun, vibrant environment.

This natural shade also brings a feeling of life and rejuvenation into a space. As Pantone says, Emerald is “the color of growth, renewal, and prosperity.”  For many cultures, this hue of green also represents healing and unity. Used in your home, all those who experience the color will feel invigorated and refreshed by a soothing atmosphere. Found in nature in the plants and trees that give us oxygen, green is the finest color for promoting relaxation. You can also incorporate this pigment into your home by using emerald throw pillows in different patterns, upholstered green chairs around an elegant black dining room table, or green-colored tiles around a bathtub or shower. This versatile and verdant shade is perfect for any space. Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year, emerald green, is Mother Earth’s favorite color as well as ours!

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