What is “Chic Coastal Living?”

Date: 04 Jun 2012   Comments: 0

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Do you ever wonder what “chic coastal living” means?  It is our tagline after all. We spent a lot of time thinking about the combination of these three magical words. But we know that some of you may still wonder “what does chic coastal living” mean? For example, does “coastal” mean that you have to live on […]

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Happy 175th Anniversary Tiffany & Co.

Date: 03 Jun 2012   Comments: 0

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  Happy 175th Anniversary Tiffany & Co. We think you are amazing. And not just because of your beautiful shade of blue and fabulous bow. But also because you started in America 175 years ago. What an accomplishment. According to tiffany.com, “Charles Lewis Tiffany founded TIFFANY AND COMPANY in 1837 when he opened a store at 259 Broadway […]

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Seaside Style Guide – Suggestion No. 2

Date: 02 Jun 2012   Comments: 0

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For a more dramatic look, use two chandeliers on either end of a room, rather than one in the center.

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Seaside Style Guide – Suggestion No. 1

Date: 31 May 2012   Comments: 0

Seaside Style Guide – Suggestion No. 1 : Paint your ceiling to cozy up a room and add a touch of glamor.

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The Art of Pillow Arrangements

Date: 30 May 2012   Comments: 0

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Ever get flustered over the best way to arrange pillows on your sofa? Pillow arrangement in any setting is an art. And it can make or break your decor. Here are a few tips for arranging sofa pillows: Work your way from the outside in; layer textures and sizes; add a punch of color. Take […]

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Coastal Living Announces America’s 15 Happiest Seaside Towns

Date: 18 May 2012   Comments: 0

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Recently, Coastal Living Magazine announced America’s 15 Happiest Seaside Towns. CL started with their own “dream list” which included nominations from their facebook fans. They then used the “Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, percentage of sunny and clear days, healthiness of beaches, commute times, walkability, school and crime ratings, education and financial security of the locals, and […]

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Date: 16 May 2012   Comments: 0

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  We have been busy here at Seaside! And we are thrilled to announce the new look (and name) of our website…www.seasideinteriors.com! Check out our new logo! Aren’t the sea horses cute?! And in case you didn’t notice…we have redesigned our blog…. And our facebook page…. And our Twitter page too! We hope you enjoy these […]

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Seaside Bedding…we are searching for you…

Date: 31 Mar 2011   Comments: 0

C & F Enterprises is where we get many of our bedding products. C & F Enterprises was established originally in 1976 with the ownership being a woman by the name of Carol Fang. The company started as a one woman operation. They originally focused on imported porcelain and antiques from China, selling the products […]

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