Arteriors Home Brings Elegance To Beach Decor

Date: 07 Feb 2013
By: Seaside Interiors
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One of the greatest challenges of coastal interior design is finding elegant ways to express the casual nature of seaside living. Thanks to the talented designers at Arteriors Home, we have discovered a treasure trove of furnishings that bring both comfort and beauty to your beach style home.

Refined Beach D├ęcor and Furniture That Is Art For Living

Arteriors Home founder Mark Moussa understands the value of creating home accessories that are both modern and timeless. He has surrounded himself with renowned designers like Laura Kirar, Barry Dixon and Lisa Luby Ryan to produce incredible, artistic home furnishings that are fresh, yet familiar.

At Seaside Interiors we have compiled a beach decor catalog of our favorite Arteriors Home accessories and furniture. Within each piece we see the recurring themes of seaside living, classical inspiration and chic style. Take, for example, the Cinchwaist Iron and Glass Table shown below. The golden arcs call out to ancient Rome and its seaside glory, but their use in the table legs is undeniably modern.

Cinchwaist Iron Glass Table

And if you are looking for something spectacular to rest on this table, consider the Misha Half Crackle Glass Accent Lamp. In this exquisite lamp, Arteriors Home has taken a familiar vase profile and, with a brilliant use of patterned glass, transformed it into a majestic green-blue ocean.

Misha Half Crackle Glass Accent Lamp

We close our spotlight on Arteriors Home with a look at another of their signature pieces, The Zeke Lantern. This lantern represents everything we love about Arteriors Home, as it brings beach style together with classic and contemporary design elements in a simply amazing way. By creatively shaping wood, glass and polished nickel, Arteriors Home has created a breathtaking series of lanterns that can be placed anywhere in your beach home.

Zeke Lantern

The furnishings shown above are just a small taste of the Arteriors Home accessories that we offer for your beach decor needs. To view more beach style furniture and accessories from Arteriors Home, we enthusiastically invite you to click here.

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