A Change in Direction…

Date: 05 Apr 2017
By: Seaside Interiors
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The last few months have been so different for me…we closed our store in South Tampa at the end of 2016 and I had this great plan to move to another, possibly larger, location.  Well, after a short vacation in January (sick as ever)…one I hadn’t had in 6 years…and a few weeks to myself to think about what I wanted to do…I changed my mind.  Funny how that works…your ideas and opinions can and do change and that’s ok.  I had to embrace that idea, but it does work.

So it’s taken me a bit to figure this out…not there yet…and I have a long way to go…but we are headed in a new direction and change is good.  Well, I think so…

I first started blogging when we started our website back in 2007.  It was an easy way to send out messages to the world about us, our growth, our ideas but then I got too busy after growing into a small boutique store…so eventually, I invited a guest writer to blog for Seaside.  She was great and I hope she is still out there writing.  You can still read about Sandi and almost all of our old posts…but now, I’m not so busy and I still love this industry, home decor, so I’m going to get my blog rolling again.  We are still, Seaside Interiors, living by the mantra “Chic Coastal Living”, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.  So, let’s embrace it together and explore more.

Some days I miss our lovely little store…our great coastal products…and our wonderful customers.  The question is having it all…don’t we all want it all?  I want it all!  But maybe at a slightly slower pace…I love having the time to plant a few things at my front door, read some of my favorite blogs, or take the dogs on a walk.  I’ll never be the stay at home sort, do house chores, laundry, filling the day with no schedule…however, working from home is really nice and I enjoy the creative time I seem to find here.

I still have some amazing clients that have me working on their awesome homes and those I will share down the road.  I love the design side of this business…I love fabrics, furniture, lighting, floor coverings, accents, and every bit of the exciting furniture and home decor shows.  So my plan (so far) is to bring you more of that, help out where I can with whatever projects you are taking on in your home, and stay busy in this wonderful business.

I guess you never know where a path will take you…but I’m happy to be on a path that works with me.  Thank you, so very much, for following along on this journey.  I look forward to more interactions with you and cheers to the summer of 2017!


Kimberly Nix, Owner

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